Diversity in media has taken a real turn these last few years. No one can deny it, inclusion has become a much more significant topic in a lot of different spheres. Take movies for example; even if the leading roles are still very much white, straight and male, the improvement is that they are now being called out! To only name one, there is study made by The Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, they “offer insight and evidence to industries on where diversity is needed” and “give a voice to disenfranchised or marginalized groups”. More than simple studies, some tests are applied on media to realize if they are lacking diversity: the Bechdel test evaluate if a movie is overly masculine. It only needs two named female characters to talk to each other about any topic except a man, but still out of 7760 analyzed, 42.2% do not pass the test.

Diversity in media is about representing the world as it really is, with equally as many women as men, with people from the LGBTQ+ community, people of color and globally any minority that tends to be easily forgotten. However, if we are realizing that media needs to change how it portrays society, remember #OscarsSoWhite in 2016, the reality has not really changed a lot yet. Minority leads in movies in 2016 were only of 13.9%. The first Muslim actor to win an Oscar was Mahershala Ali in 2017 for his supporting role in Moonlight. It is even harder for women of color to be represented: out of the 100 top highest-grossing films of 2016, 47 did not portray black females, 66 Asian females and 72 Hispanic females, according to one of the study by The Annenberg Inclusion Initiative mentioned above.

This is why the September 2018 issues are so important. The covers of the following well-known magazines are diverse, pretty and very important for a future where everyone can feel represented in the media. So take a look at those gorgeous ladies, and tell us which magazine you would most likely buy!




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