We could ask ourselves, when did sneakers really become a fashion statement? Designed primarily for sports with their rubber soles and flexible upper section in the last decade and even more so in the last few years, this footwear category has become an unmissable fashion piece.

It started all the way back in 1917 when Marquis Mills Converse designed the well-known model that can still be found for sale today. Then in 1923, Chuck Taylor started his NBA career sponsored by Converse, the shoe and sneakers in general gained a lot of visibility. Furthermore, the sneakers market grew even bigger and stronger when Adi Dassler launched its eponymous brand Adidas, and with it sneakers, the company reached the top.

After the 1950s, influenced by athletes, actors or musicians that were adopting the trend, the younger generation adopted the look.

Now in 2018, sneakers have come from a long journey of design and trends, but the market represents even more than 27 billion HKD. When we think that a classic sporty sneaker from Nike, Puma or Fila is worth around 1,000HKD, and that the high-end ones from Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton are up to 9,000HKD, this enormous turnover does not seem so unachievable.

Nowaways, millenials want to build their look with some eccentric and offbeat looks, take for example the sock-like sneakers, that will not be of everyone’s taste but that counts many different models for various prices, from Zara to Fendi.



Sneakers Addicts are also looking for limited edition, all of them more exclusive than the others. Virgil Abloh’s Off White collections with Nike or Converse got sold out almost instantly and the only way to find them now is to pay an incredible amount of money, they’re now on eBay, for up to 10,000HKD! In 2011, when Nike released the Nike Mag, the sneakers featured in Back to the Future II, only 1500 pairs were auctioned (with all profits going to charity) making the possession of the products very limited to the richest and the fashion addicts.


If we find a “Sneakers” category on every brand website, even the highest-end ones, it should mean that we could all follow the streetwear look and try the simplest or the most unconventional according to your taste. The fact that every company is making the sneaker trend its own is enough to create shoes that will please (almost) every single customer. But we? High-end, classic, extravagant or “dad-shoe” style, we love them all!

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