We obviously know the name of these brands, we may cross their flagship store on our way to work everyday, we even might own some of their pieces, but do we really know what is behind the luxury brands we dream about?

High-fashion houses astonish us during fashion shows and fashion weeks, but as much as we talk about the clothes, we do not always acknowledge the brain behind the designs.


Chanel, with a brand value of 7 billion USD, has the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld since 1982. He is now the Creative Director both of Chanel and Fendi (in collaboration with Silvia Fendi). The German designer also possesses his own eponymous brand and worked at Chloé for five years. His curriculum is impressive and the impact his arrival at Chanel had leaves no doubt to why he is one of the most known designer in this big world of fashion.


Prada’s lead creative director is no other than granddaughter of the Mario Prada, the original creator of the brand. Miuccia Prada launched the female line of Prada and started the secondary line Miu-Miu that is now a successful line on its own. She made some drastic change for the brand and all of this for the best, as Prada is now worth 9.4 billion USD.


In the case of Gucci, the new Creative Director has only been in place for three years but changes definitely have been noticed. The brand worth 12.7 billion USD decided to give in January 2015 free rein to one of their promising designer, Alessandro Michele. He worked at Fendi under Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Fendi and started working at Gucci in 2002. This choice worked well for Gucci that is now going through the best increase in sales in over 20 years.


For Hermès, worth 19.2 billion USD, the Creative Direction is hold by Pierre Alexis Dumas, the sixth generation of the family in charge of the famous brand. By starting as head of operations in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, he rose to the top until 2002 when he became Creative Director.


Finally, the most thriving fashion brand, Louis Vuitton, worth 28.4 billion USD has two people at the head of Creative Direction. Nicolas Ghesquière started as an intern at Agnès b, then worked two years for Jean Paul Gaultier before joining Balenciaga for 15 years. It is only in 2013 that Ghesquière is asked to join Louis Vuitton as Creative Director of Womenswear, and in 5 years he succeeded in giving to the brand its luxury prestige. For menswear, Virgil Abloh’s background in fashion took a different path than its colleague. In 2009 he joined Kanye West’s creative agency as a Creative Director and he gained in recognition over time and after several collaboration to reach in March 2018 the position of Artistic Director of Menswear.

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