Not so long ago, we were talking about how wearing bold colors could enhance an everyday look. We still believe in the power of colors for any outfit, either it is on a day at work, an evening at the restaurant or a family reunion. And as we were saying in this article, the alternative to clothes and accessories might just be make-up!

If you like to spend time doing your make-up in the morning, this one subject is for you because with all the great eye shadow palettes that are following, you will have a lot to work on, by finding the best color match and by blending the colors to perfection. But actually, if you don’t like spending time on your make-up, adding a bit of color is the perfect way to make it looks like you spent two hours when you can really just work 5 minutes on a detail.


One year ago, Urban Decay launched its fifth palette, and the result is splendid. After two nude palettes, one pinky nude and one smoky, the NAKED HEAT is bringing red and copper shades to offer intense but wearable colors. (USD54)



If we stay in the warm toned palettes, a trend that has been taking over the cool-tone love from all beauty influencers, we cannot not love Huda Beauty’s Coral Obsessions Palette with its matte and shimmering metallic orange, yellow and corals. Sure, the colors are less easily wearable on a day-to-day basis than the previous one, but if you manage to build the look, it will be show-stopping! (USD36)




No matter your eye color, getting a good green eyeshadow loos will be perfect. With a small palettes, you don’t have colors you won’t be using, and the four shades in this will easily create several fabulous green effect! And this Maybelline Eyestudio Color Plush Silk Eyeshad Quad Palette in shade Green with Envy is on the cheap side, so we have no reason to resist. (USD 9.99)


Compared to long time established make-up brand, Marc Jacobs Beauty is quite new (even if 5 years in the beauty market is not negligible). Just by looking at the Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Palette C in shade Frivoluxe, we are in love. The one bold purple shadow can be the centerpiece of your look and will be easily accessorize by the other six colors. (USD49)


Blue may not be the warmest color, but it will definitely enhance your eyes. This seven shades of blue, from teal to dark navy paired with five nude brown to mix up and blend to perfection. Sleek’s I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in color Calm before the storm is aptly named as wearing this shadows will create “perfect” storms of glances. (USD12.99)


Last but not least, the pink shades are undoubtedly part of a lot of palettes, for the good reason that the nude and soft pinks will help build any look. What we really love is a complete unapologetic pink look: either matte, shimmery or metallic, we love it all! And thanks to Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Moden Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette, we have everything in our hands to create perfection. (USD42)


Honorable mention to:

The Zulu Eyeshadow Palette from Juvia’s Place, to get crazy with all these colors in their boldest and brightest version. (USD17.5)


The Jacelyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette from Morphe. As this brand is well-known for high-quality big palettes, if we have one with a rainbow in it, why not get it all! (USD38)





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