OnTheList is now launching its own loyalty program. As you might know, the all-new App is out and is awaiting your download! So if you haven’t yet, perhaps it is because you haven’t heard of the news or because you haven’t had the time, but here are the great reasons why you should download the App.


First, you won’t miss any OnTheList information anymore. To see your invitation, all you will have to do is open the app, and all the details are given; brand, dates, schedule… You even have a Member’s area with your barcode all ready to check-in at the entrance. You will also receive the updates for replenishment, new prices or bundle offers, so you won’t miss anything!

Secondly, by downloading the App, all your purchases count. The biggest novelty of our program is the points you can collect after signing in. With each $10 you spend, you receive 2 points that you can transform later in vouchers of $50, $200, $400 and even $900!

But there are so many more advantages to unlock with the OnTheList Premium membership… You will be able to access the flash sale early during the exclusive opening and preview all the items before the general openings. Furthermore, if these clothes do not fit, you have the possibility to exchange it while the flash sale lasts. Your shopping experience will be enhanced by the priority cashier queue, meaning you will experience a special line for all Premium members, and also have access to unlimited shopping bags. And for those less patient to get rewards, all Premium members get 10 points every $10 spent, so the points will pile up faster!

And even if you are not interested in OnTheList Premium, being a member will always stay free and you will always be enjoy the OnTheList prices. It is never too late to register at onthelist.hk if you are not a member and we are looking forward to see you shop with us. Our staff will always be at your disposal by phone, email or in-store to guide you and answer any of your questions. So, now you can’t say that you haven’t heard about of OnTheList Premium!


Tel: 2983 8122

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp +852 56156623

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