Photo by Pablo Heimplatz


With so many styles and shapes of underwear, it is often hard to decide which style would favor your body the most. My French Elegance, through this article will help you figure out how to select your underwear according to your morphology, while enjoying comfort and style. Here is our detailed guide to the 4 most common silhouettes:

‘A’ body shape

For those with small bust and wide hips. Highlight your cleavage to balance proportions.



‘V’ body shape

For those who have a developed bust and smaller hips. It’s an athletic silhouette with which to play on glamour. Try romantic silhouette bra styles and pair them with voluminous briefs to add volume on your hips.


‘H’ body shape

For women whose hips and waist are not defined, i.e. androgynous silhouette. Emphasize the curves of breast, hips and bottom areas and at the same time visually trimming the waist.


‘8’ body shape

For women whose curves are generous with a well-defined waist (pin-up style of the 50’s). Flaunt all your assets and curves.


Written by: Celine Lamour – Image & Style Consultant – My French Elegance –[email protected]
My French Elegance is a premium Fashion and Style Consultancy in Hong Kong that offers personalized style advice to busy women with a ‘French Touch’ to help you discover your best style!

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