It has been two weeks now that we are in spring. Hong Kong is showing its most pretty flowers and the weather is getting warmer and warmer.

It has been more than a month that the Fall/Winter 2018 Fashion Week is over. The trend of the upcoming year has been set and if you are looking for being avant-garde during the upcoming hottest days of the year, this article will certainly interest you.

To dress in haute couture in our every day life might too much but here is one thing we can copy from the biggest of runways: colors. And the best way to use the following dazzling colors is with accessories.


Make it big or keep it small, you can never be wrong when your belt is by itself a fashion statement. (Large Cowboy Buckle in color Red, 1990HKD, Small Cowboy Buckle Belt in color Red, 1290HKD, all by Calvin Klein, shop it here and here)











If men don’t have as many accessories as women do, they can still make some bold choices. Make it roar ! (Tiger Socks in color Medium Red, Kenzo, 25€, shop it here)


Let yourself be convinced by a little bit of pastel and this lavender pocket square that will make the whole outfit look softer. (Solid Twill silk pocket square in color Lilac, Emporio Armani, 550HKD, shop it here)


If make up doesn’t look the same on every complexion, this sweet shade of purple will for sure soften and enhance your look. (Lidstar in color Lily, Glossier, 18USD, shop it here)









If you choose to wear something around your neck, do it with style, and with color ! (Honor Oversize Yellow Scarf, French Allure, 549HKD, shop it at exclusive price only from April 9 to 15 at


Fashion to the tips of your nails, you can point the trend with your perfectly done manicure. (La Laque Couture in color Jaune Babouche, Yves Saint Laurent, 25€, shop it here)


Get your wrist and neck all ready for spring with assorted jewelry and assorted pompom. (Layered Tassel Statement Necklace, 835HKD, Layered Tassel Bracelet, 455HKD, all by Rebecca Minkoff, shop it here and here)








No only a blue handbag is the best solution to enhance the outfit and when it’s pretty and handy and not just blue but Turquoise, we have no reason to say no. (KEO Leather Backpack in color Teal, Ted Baker, 319USD, shop it here)










New make up allows us to try some fun colors, and tangerine is close enough to red to be easily wearable while building on something more daring. ( Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in color Saw-C, Fenty Beauty, 18USD, shop it here)

Orange up your style with your sunglasses, and look at life through color tinted lenses. (Iconic Striped Panthos in color Havana/Orange, Marc Jacobs, 1270HKD, shop it here)


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