When going into an international cosmetic store, it is very likely that you stumble upon some fragrance that is not from Chanel, Guerlain or Lancôme but from a celebrity. You will probably find Madonna’s “Truth or Dare”, Céline Dion’s “Notes” or Paris Hitlon “Heiress” but this is just to name a few since 1300 famous actors, singers, athlete and other celebrities now have a trademark on their fragrance (and you can find the full list here). We can easily say that this is a promising market when we look at the 500 million bottles sold of Curious by Britney Spears. Sure, the target is always young and the communication is sometimes held by tabloid but if so many new celebrities are launching their own brand, it has to mean that this activity is profitable.

Fragrances are not an isolated case of celebs creating their brand. Some of them are taking advantage of their popularity to create their business. Take Tyra Banks, for example. She began her modeling career at 18, but more than starting later an acting career, she also used her notoriety to be a producer of her own long running television-show America’s Next Top Model, she started her own cosmetic brand and had her own talk show, The Tyra Banks Show. She is uncontestably considered as a Businesswoman and is, since 2016, a personal branding guest lecturer at Stanford University.

Kendall & Kylie Jenner, the two youngest of the Kardashian sisterhood, have their personal fashion line that you can shop here. They are presenting a collection really inspired by their own fashion taste; with clothes you can see them wear. Kendall and Kylie are using their influence, either on social media or through their reality TV series, to sell their apparel.

On another hand, Rihanna, after collaboration with brands like Puma in 2015, launched a very anticipated make up line. Fenty Beauty, the name of the cosmetic collection, has been praised for being inclusive of all different type and color of skin and for the quality of products.

If some celebrities brands are staying in the shadows, due to lack of communication or popularity, some collaboration like Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger or Zayn x Versus Versace Collection really are worth looking after.

And you ? Which one would you be more likely to shop ?

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