Shopping constantly leads to one question: is it going to fit me? It is so easy to fell in love with one piece of clothing and the disappointment is always bitter when this one top/jeans/skirt is not as ideal on us as we thought. Any image consultant can tell you, the most important is not your weight, but it is your body shape.

Some website identify more than ten body shape but to make it as simple as possible, we took the basic five. To spot which one you are, at first, you need to know your own body. Online calculator will not always give you the right answer, so here are the major criteria for each of these body shapes.


Round or apple, you don’t have a defined waist and fat mostly accumulate in the stomach area.

Slinky dresses are your best friends, but don’t forget to show other of your asset, it can be your back, your cleavage or your legs. (Honey Punch Long Sleeve Tea Dress With Ruffle Trim In Star Print that you can shop here, 362HKD)









Triangle also named pear, your hips tend to be wider than your bust.

Don’t hesitate to show off your cleavage with scoop neck, bare shoulders, and the like and wear more slinky bottom half without too much details. Indeed, it will balance the attention from your hips to the bust. (Chi Chi London High Neck Lace Midi Dress With Tulle Skirt that you can shop here, 915HKD)










Inverted triangle, you have broad shoulders or wider than your hips with a proportional bust.

You need to take the attention off your shoulders by wearing more simple things at the top and balance it with details and volume around your hips. (Chi Chi London High Neck Lace Midi Dress With Tulle Skirt that you can shop here, 745HKD)










Rectangle, your hips and bust have roughly the same width, you have no defined waist and you are particularly curvy.

You can enhance your body shape by wearing tight dress clenching all of your body. You can also afford to give cut side a try since it will create an effect in your waist and emphasize it. ( ASOS EDITION Armour Embellished Bodycon Dress, that you can shop here, 1,064HKD)









Hourglass, you have a narrow waist with hips and bust that are the same width.

Your major asset is your small waist and you can compliment it by wearing clothes tightening the area with waistband or belt. (ASOS Ruched Bodice Cross Back Midi Bodycon Dress that you can shop here, 405HKD)



And don’t forget, these comments are really just advisory and no body shape is better than the other. The most important thing is confidence and well being so if you want to wear a dress for another body shape and if you feel good in it, wear it!


The best advice is : know your body and learn to love it.

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