If you are a social media junkie, you must certainly be following some celebrities. 134 million of us are following Selena Gomez, making her the most followed person on Instagram. Singers and actors are not the only one being really so influent on social media. Sport players are not outdone since Cristiano Ronaldo can boast of being followed by 122 million people.

Social media are nowadays a real tool of communication used by companies ! Being brand ambassadors mean much more for these celebrities than just being the face of a product, it also mean represent it in many other ways, as you can see on these two post of Selena promoting her clothes line with Coach, and Cristiano publicizing Clear Shampoo.

However, celebrities are not the only one to arouse the attention of the social network users… and of the brands! More and more people are making a name by using the square-pictured website and are becoming real icons in the fashion and beauty industry. They are sponsored by make-up or high-end fashion brands, or really any brand able and willing to afford an ad-post more than ten of thousand US dollars.

As these people just start their blogs or youtube channels just by passion, some of them are becoming real businesswomen and businessmen. A myriad of examples exists to show the accomplishment of these people that sometimes started by taking pictures of themselves, or by recording videos in their room.

It can be beauty influencers doing make-up tutorial on YouTube like Zoella, who now have 3 books out and is an ambassador for mental health charity.  With 12 million subscribers and cumulating 1 billion views on her videos, we can clearly see that she is not as influent as straight-up celebrities but have a certain amount of followers (literally).


To only name another, Danielle Bernstein, from the blog WeWoreWhat, is now at the head of her own line of clothes and have the privilege of not only being invited on the first row of fashion show, but also being dressed by the designer. In fact, the list is very long and the Instagram and other media influencers represent a market worth of 2 billion dollars, and is planned to be worth 10 billion in 2020.

Creating their fame thanks to their knowledge in beauty products and their sense of fashion, these people are, at the end of day, getting partnership with some of the biggest brands. Some of their success stories have the ability to make us dreamy, but these fashion-lover and beauty-lover are, in the end, a new communication tool.

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